May 29, 2014

TWIN PEAKS VETERNINARY CLINIC Opens Using The sharpsPRO™ Biohazard Sharps Waste Process System (PDF)

sharpsPRO Biohazard Sharps Waste Process System
Along the front range of Colorado with Longs Peak as a backdrop and only blocks from the City of
Loveland is a new clinic called the Twin Peaks Veterinarian Clinic (TPVC).
While mainly catering to the care of dogs and cats, TPVC has 6
examinations rooms, state of the art digital X-Ray, extensive in-house
laboratory, surgical room, cage system for 12 animals including one cage
for those very large dogs. Each room is equipped with the typical things
you would expect to see in the average veterinarian exam room except
for a new type of storage container system for medical sharps. This is
not your typical sharps container. It is made of 100% recyclable tin
plated steel and is called the sharpsCAN. So why use a metal sharps
Prior to the opening of the TPVC, Dr. Garner purchased a
new system for processing medical sharps waste called the
sharpsPRO Model 100. The sharpsPROis a safe and
cost effective device that processes biohazard sharps
waste on-site.
The sharpsCAN is used to store sharps waste which is
then later processed, melted and sterilized. This on-site
process system eliminates costly disposal service fees that Dr. Garner was paying at his previous clinics
and greatly simplifies how TPVC’s sharps waste is
The sharpsPRO™ consumes an efficient 200 Watts of power
which is significantly less than the traditional high heat
incinerators of sharps waste that produce toxic emissions.
The Model 100 operates a low dry heat process that emits
zero toxic emissions.

The sharpsPRO includes a comprehensive tracking system designed to
meet the specifications of the cradle-to-grave management system
required by the EPA.
This automated system eliminates all paper work used for tracking
biohazard waste. Dr. Garner says “This system gives us a lot of security
knowing that the date, time, container barcode and process temperature
are being accurately recorded during each operation.
The sharpsPRO is easy to use and requires no maintenance. Because the
processed biohazard waste becomes sterilized and non-hazardous, it can
be recycled or thrown away in the standard trash.
The sharpsPRO™ simplifies the management of biohazard waste by eliminating the need for a disposal
service, forms and storage of bulky secondary containers. Dr. Garner says Eliminating the disposal fees,
the paper work and the large secondary container was a big selling point when I decided to purchase the
sharpsPRO and it will pay for itself in about a year’s time.
Purchasing the sharpsPRO was an easy decision to make. It
certainly beats the status quo of how other vet clinics manage
their sharps waste.”
Since using the sharpsPRO, Dr. Garner says This system has
really simplified the way we deal with our sharps waste. The
sharpsPRO is extremely easy and convenient to use and it takes
up very little counter top space. The monthly pick-up of sharps
waste was usually not a good experience. We had to make sure
the paper work was filled out and the secondary container was
properly sealed and marked. When we’re busy it’s difficult to
make time to get it all ready. The drivers for the disposal service were not happy when they had to wait.
Now we don’t have to worry about that. We can process our sharps waste whenever its convenient for
Usually, we’ll start a process with one of our
sharpsCANs™ right before we close for business. Also, the
great part of using the sharpsCAN is that it can be reused
4 different times and that gives us the ability to process
over 1000 needles in a single container.”
“We also like the idea that we can recycle the processed
waste. When using a disposal service we know that it’s all
ultimately going to the landfill.
Now the sharpsPRO
makes it possible to repurpose this waste. explains Dr.
Overall, we are very satisfied using the
sharpsPRO™. It’s simplified how we deal with sharps
waste, were saving time, money and it makes us feel better
that we’re helping the environment.”

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