Model No. 100
Weight 11 lbs.
Dimensions(W x D x H) 6.5”x12”x11”
Operating Voltage 120VAC,200W
Process Time ~2 hours
Process Temperature 390°F
Disposal Capacity 1 Pint
Patent Pending  

The sharpsCAN™ Accessory Holder amounts conveniently on a wall or to the Counter Top Stand. The Accessory Holder provides a safe and lockable storage for the sharpsCAN™. A built-in needle remover helps to separate the needle from the syringe.

The sharpsCAN™ 12-PACK Case is shipped with BIOHAZARD labeled sharps containers. Also included are green NONHAZARDOUS labels that are to be placed on the sharpsCAN™ prior to disposal. The sharpsCAN™ is a FDA cleared class II medical device.

Spores strips can be used to validate the sterility efficacy of the sharpsPRO™.

Poly Pellets can be used to help further encapsulate needles,razor blades etc.

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