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Medical Engineering Development Solutions, Inc. (MEDS) is a medical engineering company committed to the development and manufacturing of innovative technologies.

Headquartered in Northglenn, Colorado MEDS is dedicated to creating products that positively impact the environment and human life.

The sharpsPRO Model 100 provides a simple and innovative method for on-site processing of sharps medical waste. The sharpsPRO operates a low heat zero emission process that converts biohazardous waste into non-hazardous waste that can be recycled or disposed of in standard trash.

On-site processing empowers all users and generators of medical sharps waste to create a safer work place and work towards the elimination of harmful environmental impact that medical waste can cause.

The sharpsPRO is manufactured at our 73,000 sq ft. facility in Northglenn, CO USA.



“Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of dumping medical waste into landfills, recycle non-hazardous waste and reducing harmful emissions by implementing a zero emission process.”

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